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Welcome to LondonShoulders. We put your health and well being first. We offer the following services in order to diagnose and treat your shoulder or upper limb problems:

Initial consultations

Investigations (x-rays, MRI, Ultrasound etc.)

Quick Follow up with results and treatment options

We are able to arrange timely top class MRI scans when necessary and quick reporting and follow up.

Treatments include steroid injections, PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, physiotherapy referrals and surgery when necessary.

Mr Abdus-Samee is an experienced and skilled orthopaedic surgeon and is able to offer the full spectrum of keyhole (arthroscopic) and open surgery for disorders of the upper limb. Some of the common operations undertaken are listed here but this list is not exhaustive.

Keyhole (arthroscopic surgery)

Mr Abdus-Samee is an expert arthroscopic surgeon and can offer keyhole surgery of the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Most shoulder decompressions (subacromial decompressions), rotator cuff repairs, stabilisations for dislocation etc. are done arthroscopically as well as other operations listed below:

subacromial decompression

shoulder stabilisation (after dislocations)

rotator cuff repair

SLAP repair (repair of the biceps tendon anchored to the top of the socket)

biceps tenotomy/tenodesis

excision/debridement of ACJ (acromioclavicular joint - the prominent and sometimes painful end of the collar bone) 

excision of calcium deposits

capsular release

removal of loose bodies

debridement of abnormal tissue

Elbow arthroscopy and debridement

Release for elbow contracture

Removal of loose bodies

Wrist arthroscopy and debridement

TFC repair/debridement

Open Surgery

Anatomic shoulder replacement (for arthritis)

Reverse shoulder replacement (for arthritis coupled with torn rotator cuff tendons/muscles)

Revision shoulder replacement

Latarjet procedure (for instability coupled with bone loss from the socket)

Fracture fixation

Augmentation/repair of rotator cuff with regenerative tissue matrix

Tennis & Golfer's elbow release

Ulna nerve release around the elbow and in the wrist

Carpal tunnel release

De-Quervain's release (painful tendon sheath at the wrist)

Painful ganglion excision

Dupuytren's contracture surgery

Trigger finger release


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